In order to get longer battery life on Android devices, here are some tips about features that could be disabled because not so useful.

Notification & battery lights

In the system settings, under “Display” menu, “Notification light” and “Battery light” sub-menus allow to disable lights and save battery.









Keyboard sound and vibration

Another element which consumes battery on an Android phone is the sound but more the vibration on every key press on the virtual keyboard.

In the system settings, under “Languages & Input” > “Virtual keyboard” > select your keyboard (in this example: Gboard) > “Preferences”

Vibrations imply a very small motor to run and generate a vibration; this is high energy consuming.
Doing it at every key press on the virtual keyboard will make the phone battery go low quickly; even more for hard messaging buddies.

The sound consumes less energy than the vibrations but disabling it can also be a good way to save energy.






Cached data

If an Android devices begins to have his battery lifetime to become shorter than usual, it’s good time to think at cleaning cached data.

In the system settings, under “Storage settings”, for both the internal and an SD card if present, type on the “Cached data” label to request the system to clear cache.

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