MAC OSX Mountain Lion

After installing it on my own Macbook three days ago, I can say it’s fast.  It looks stable even if it’s much too early to say.

Setup is, like always at Apple, very easy and secure.

I’ve had to request JAVA to be installed, it’s no more installed by default like it was in the previous releases of OSX …. But it’s a minor issue.  >>

The notification center brings a nice way to quickly overview all notifications at a single place; it meets the notifications system of iOS; nice feature.

For more impressions, just install it yourself and make it a try!


Too long words in a table cell!

On 2012/07/30, in Technology, by admin

Bothered by your tables layout going wrong because of long (very long) words ?

Add “table-layout: fixed;” to the styling of the <table> element; and “word-wrap: break-word;” to the styling of the cell and your problem is solved !!


iPhone vs iPhone emulator ….

On 2012/07/17, in Uncategorized, by admin

Oeps, not 100% the same behaviors !

Got almost crazy with events not fired …. When tested on the real phone, works fine …. Oeps :-)


Mobile website vs the navigation

On 2012/07/13, in Technology, by admin


From a mobile website built around jQuery Mobile, how to open the navigation application from the current location to a pre-defined address ?



On 2012/07/08, in Technology, by admin


the best framework for cross platforms / cross browsers client side development.



A new site is born

On 2012/07/08, in Philosophical thoughts, by admin

The new website of all4you is born.

WordPress driven, it’s more flexible, more interactive.

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